Lost Finale Part Deux

(Nothing too specific, but some SPOILER alert)

I loved the LOST finale.

I loved being with friends in the second row in a theatre packed to capacity; I loved drinking a beer and watching the two hour recap, the stories from the actors and producers putting it on a human scale while emphasizing the mythic proportions; I loved that everyone cheered during the big moments, whether violent or romantic.

I love that not every question was answered.  Whether it be in relationship, religion, or science, I think it’s a profound mistake to think everything has an answer, and to mercilessly pursue that answer.  Great figures in each of those fields have always affirmed the need to honor the mystery.  I would’ve loved to know who carved that statue, but I love imagining who just as much.  Isn’t that a delicious quandary for so many of us, and that’s why so many loved this show?

I didn’t love the commercial interruptions, which were frequent and jarring.  A scene builds with all of its hope and tension and the grand moment arrives to the aforementioned cheers and maybe even some mistiness and there’s the kiss and then there’s a car commercial.  Rip open the doors to the heart, slam ‘em closed.  This went on for 2 ½ hours, ‘twas exhausting, and is the best argument for watching things on Netflix.

What I do know to be true, in my perception, is that what was being portrayed in LOST was far more real than the commercials.  You show me this shiny bacon cheeseburger for $1.99 and I see tortured cows, destroyed rainforest, bacteria seething, chemicals and dead zones, huge transport lines with massive emissions and a cost to environment and health far greater than two bucks.

What I see in LOST is a secret, perhaps even unconscious, message about how things work in this universe.

When someone reads the bones, or the tea leaves, or your palm, it’s not that those items have risen up with their own volition to tell you your fortune, it’s that being part of this world they reflect the world and those who train themselves can read that reflection, just as surfers read signs to guess if and where it’s going to be a good swell. (If you can penetrate the unfortunate cloud of charlatans and find someone who is legit, these readings can be fascinating signposts.)

So the creators of LOST put these ideas into the world, “their” ideas – but whose ideas were they before that?  A laundry list of philosophers and physicists and writers have been referenced – whose ideas were they before theirs?

LOST imagines non-physical beings, time as plastic, unexplainable sources of energy, transcendent inter-personal connections, communication with the dead, miraculous healing, teleportation: things which I would think follow a bell-curve from those who understand them to be legitimate and accessible elements of reality. to those who accept their potential in reality but more easily in entertainment, to those who reject them utterly on scientific or religous grounds.
I think that bell curve was represented last night.  As I saw inherent truths being shown – things I know from actual experience as well learning from trusted sources – and the mass of us all cheering, I also saw toward the very end as certain answers were revealed, a few individuals who couldn’t help yelling in dismay or disbelief.

Over the cheers and protestations the show did end, and for me it was certainly nostalgic and romantic, but I think shy of being schmaltzy.  And while everyone except Locke seemed divided up into couples at the end, which would seem to indicate the one soulmate narrative (along with the fact that important people like Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko were left out), I think what Jack’s dad said was important.  All of them created that place to be together, and from which to move on, as in a soul group, as in being connected by love through different worlds, beyond time and place, living together in peace or struggle, dying together or alone; as in, seeing each other in another life.


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