Nervous And The Kid at Heart

My friend Melissa the Instant Librarian is a master reviewer, and inspired by her use of the 100 word review, which I believe was inspired by another friend and reviewer Evan P Schneider, I’m going to try a 100 word review of the Nervous And The Kid show I saw and loved last night at Valentines in downtown Portland.  Word was they were playing at 9 so like a rube I got there at 8:55.  The benefit of basically being the first one there besides the band is that I got to order my kombucha in a flash and watch the scene unfold…

I imagine all 9 brilliant musicians spilling out of one dusty, earth-tone-painted bus.  Delightfully preposterous how the band must squish into the corner, carrying cavalcade of instruments, ordering drinks, greeting friends, testing levels, wandering off.  Lacking savvy to say they’re Band A mated with Slovenian love child of Bands B and C, I’ll say: Rambling in wide-open country, sun warms the meadow where you picnic and nap with friends, falls winsome toward horizon you grow quiet, the grass so alive in your hands and the hills roll on forever, happy as a clam here you know you can’t stay.

Have a listen: Wrecking Ball by Nervous And The Kid

Visit the website to pre-order the forthcoming album, and hear a few of their gorgeous songs.  Come see them live in all their indie gypsy old-timey glory.  Get there early.

Previous album cover art and band pic and song borrowed from Nervous And The Kid.


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