Chicago Yes I Can

Chicago At Large In 100 Words

Swimming against masked faces I’m lost and open to everything. Skyscrapers industrious not oppressive, air soft with summer. Run on Lake Michigan, history and vastness, hints at howl of winter. Millennium Park kids splash in art of the fountain, occasional adult gives in. Seeking jazz only finding tourism, the meat is real. Chicago dog, peppers relish tomato mustard celery salt. Then beef and sausage sandwich, glad for hotel gym. 102 Sears floors up standing on plexiglass over street, freaking folks out by bouncing, city of light and empty streets sliced by black moon. Departing, station is sweaty insanity. Going east.

The Chicago Art Institute In 100 Words

What a joy to find O’Keefe, Picasso, Monet. I love Seeing art through consciousness shifted, meditation method. I see in ancient statues spirits still residing, the blackened canvas is storm cloud scudding ancient city, Van Gogh makes my heart tear. Guards are hilariously full of sass – patron banging on wrong door, guard yells, “You’re going to break the fucking door.” Toddler cries out, I’m jealous. If I could be a toddler for 5 minutes in a museum I’d scream and touch statues. Photography exhibit shows dignity in suffering. Time is too short. I love it and think of Banksy.

The Pizza Question

Where to get Chicago Deep Dish pizza is a surprisingly difficult question for people to answer in that town. If there was an internationally known dish called Portland Peach Pie, I’d be damn sure to know of at least 9 places to get it. Among many tried and failed attempts at getting a recommendation, this conversation with an event security guard was the most painful.

“Is there a good place to get pizza around here?”

“Pizza?” (as if it’s a foreign dish he’s never heard of)

“Yes, pizza.”


“You’re going to have to go to a pizzeria for that.”

“Ok. Do you know of a good one around here?”

Pause. C’mon…

“They’re definitely in the vicinity.”

“Thank you.”

I did eventually stumble into a place where they had the thing on magnificent display. But since my train was departing soon and I didn’t want to board with the 7 lbs of leftovers I surely would have had from that monster, I had to go the meat and meat and cheese sandwich route. Some day…

All photographs by Noel Tendick.


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