Going Apple Big

I have one month to live in Brooklyn, New York.*

I have a lingering unease at having not participated in any Kangeiko this winter.**

I have a love, awe, and fear of these city wilds.

I have a great camera, a kickass pair of boots, and a full-length Navy peacoat.

So I’m tossing all these together into a daily photo journal, along with daily Norito chanting and some Aikido training. (You’ll probably only encounter the first). This is definitely not as intense as doing Aikido every day before dawn, but hell, considering I could barely walk a month ago, I’m stoked.

Gateway to Prospect Park.


*Does that sound like I’m dying? I mean I get to live in Brooklyn for a month before returning to Portland, Oregon.

**Kangeiko literally means cold training, and it’s an annual event in many Japanese arts where, at the coldest time of year when the temptation is greatest to hibernate, one deliberately charges out in a deepening of ones practices. I’ve encountered it through Aikido, where one trains at least once a day if not more, often beginning at 6:30 am, for at least a week, with some dojos doing two weeks or a month. [One of the ways Geishas used to practice Kangeiko was to submerge their hands in ice water then play the lute until their fingers bled.]


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