February Fourth: Brooklyn Snow

Like the Inuit, New Yorkers have a hundred words for snow, and most of them carry some connotation of inconvenience and/or hazard. The streets are a fascinating ecosystem already; dump a few feet of snow into the mix and you have yourself a complex winter wonderland of black ice, frozen filth, and quiet beauty.

I embarked on this shoot with some trepidation, fearing my neighbors would see me as some jerk going for the easy hit, taking photos of the ugly. But people couldn’t have been friendlier. A woman asked if I was a pro photographer and steered me toward the Brooklyn Botanic Garden; a man remarked how he hadn’t seen iced snow like this in 40 years; a driver yelled for me to take his picture; schoolkids laughed and mugged. Geez New York, way to be so charming, making me feel all welcome and professional.





All photographs by Noel Tendick


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