February 5: Apartment Still Life

I need a personal assistant who will carry my equipment in a water-proof bag and hold an umbrella over me while I shoot in the rain.  I haven’t hired that person yet, so this is what I’ll tell you about this rainy Saturday: the fried chicken sandwich on house made focaccia with pickled egg, jalapeno aioli, relish, fancy green leaf, served with sweet potato chips just the perfect blend of chewy and crisp, is beyond amazing, plus fun to consume in a cramped little converted rail car type joint named Diner. Empty lot of untouched snow abutting walls of bright graffiti in Williamsburg is a place to return to. First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum means you get to listen to a live DJ while you look at ancient Chinese crafts or Norman Rockwell photographs.

But since I’m committed to writing and taking photos everyday (even if I don’t have time to actually post everyday) you get to see some shots of the apartment that B and the Brothers C have been gracious enough to let me inhabit for the month.


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