Miami: New York’s Sixth Borough In the Winter

B’s cousin E is a PhD student at the University of Miami, so like many freeze-fatigued New Yorkers, we jetted down for a weekend to bask in the warmth of good company and bright sun, and to behold the strangest city I’ve ever visited. Miami is the video game version of itself. Luxury cars race each other on the freeways, mojitos cost $19, alligators and thonged glutes sun themselves in great numbers, and you can only get into clubs at fancy hotels if you’re in the company of 3 attractive women.

It was such a sweet treat to float in warm ocean, even as colossal cruise ships oozed by, and the cafe con leche in Little Havana, que rico. Nothing like capping a day in South Beach with a cigar in a channel-side hot tub.


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