The Birds Part II: Coney Island

I’ve wanted to see snow on the beach ever since I learned such a thing was possible from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. After a couple lovely inches fell Sunday night, B and I took the train down to Coney Island (a little closer than Montauk, and evocative of Angel Heart). I’ve also wanted to have a NY bagel since I learned they were possible, so we got bagel sandwiches and walked down to the water, through the desolate amusement park.

Seagulls joined us for our arctic picnic, and true to NY form, were not shy with their demand. You’ll see sample photos of two different reactions to the aerial aggression. A full series of the attack/embrace will perhaps be made available at another time.



4 thoughts on “The Birds Part II: Coney Island

    • Thanks so much Kalin! I feel like I have less idea of what I’m doing than when I started, which is good in the long-run, and in the short-run means I’m glad there is still an occasional image that someone may like. Love to you too.

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