The Wild Things Of New York, Words and Photos

My favorite aspect of the human animal is the animal. I love the wilderness there, the ferocious joy and devastating beauty. I ache for the reconnection, I love crossing paths with animals and being reminded of what it’s like. I love walking neighborhoods and wilds, seeing the untouchable creatures and the touchable ones. I love the wilderness in cats, the active killer (of course it sucks when cats kill native birds but cell phone towers kill a million times what cats do so let’s properly direct our ire), the independence and fierce love.

There are no cats about the neighborhood in New York. I saw nary a one until our very last day as we walked in the sun with gourmet donuts in hand, a bright fellow escorted us for a bit, constantly vigilant.

The birds began celebrating spring on those frigid New York mornings. Studies have found that urban birds modify their songs to be shorter, more varied, and shriller, to compete with city noise.

Grimace taught me how to speak squirrel, I never miss a chance to jabber at/with them.

I loved seeing subway rats, to me they’re as iconic as the Statue of Liberty. Staring down those dark tunnels into the freezing abyss I liked to imagine them keeping warm in the form of the Rat King.


LBB at Ground Zero







4 thoughts on “The Wild Things Of New York, Words and Photos

    • It’s difficult to make eye contact with both human and non-human animals in NY – I think the doughnut aroma helped hold the cat’s attention for that precious moment.

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