Moments Before


I drove out to the bluffs to see if I was there watching the sun burn down the river. I would’ve come on run or ride, turning fury into fuel. With less hurt and more heartbreak I would’ve been there shirtless, smiling at the sting of winter. I would have stood at the edge, proud of my solitude, waiting for the last touch of light. Quieter voices of concern, lighter grip of thought, softer touch of fear: who knows what path I might’ve followed that night. But I wasn’t there. The sun fell and I raised the collar of my coat. Turning toward home I looked once more toward the water. In the last moments before ash I caught sight of a silhouette against the flame, looking west. I stopped and stared. He was standing perfectly still at the edge of light. Waiting.



12 thoughts on “Moments Before

  1. What a gift! The mysterious imagery in your reflection, book-ended by the two photographs, inviting me to reflect on my own experiences in winter light, in solitude, in the what-if of being in between. Thanks.

    • All the way around the world and here we are in Portland. The bluffs are such a wonderful way into water and sky aren’t they? Thanks for visiting.

    • Thank you for reading light and word Mufidah. I’m grateful there are many of us keeping camera eyes on the winter sun – your sunset photo is brilliant.

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