Bright New Year



We’re out of time, outside of time I need to be here with you. You’re the year of my life I took and gave up, you’re the many years gone flying around the sun and off into space. And yet all these worlds are still here, aligned with the wheels of our hearts, all full of life and purpose and the grace of waiting. All we need to do is turn our attention and the dialogue resumes, the colors glow, the movement is seamless and, without the worry of wondering at the unknown, we are free to be full of gratitude for what we get to hold a little while. I give thanks to you for helping me be real. You looked through a window into my home and allowed me to peer inside yours; you invited me in and sat with me at my table; you fed me and drunk my wine; you put your hand in mine and allowed me to hold yours. Thank you for standing before the lens and offering your light, thank you for standing behind to see how the light came through. Thank you for reading words and spilling words, for making art and putting up art on walls all over the world. Thank you for the comments and invitations, the prompts and inspirations. I give thanks for you at the end of this year. I thank you for the spark of connection that even in its smallest manifestation shines some form of love. In the midst of winter’s night, here’s to the birth of a bright new year.






11 thoughts on “Bright New Year

  1. Thank you for liking my Steve McCurry post! It gave me the opportunity to discover your blog and I have to say your photos are stunning! Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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