In Body of Snow


Clouds have earned their freedom from earthly concerns, rain returns rambunctious for ground, but snow knows something else. A matrix of light captured by water, it cuts with both the joy and sacrifice of form. The snow that falls from this sky knows it cannot last. It swirls around a nearly graspable edge of the infinite, reminding us we are this many and one, we are here and disappearing back into what we were before.

In snow I am in a place unbound by stone, lightened. I walk out and see a million points between heaven and earth. I see the manifestation of silence. I put out my hand to catch the sharp edge of something not meant to be held. I watch one flake fall rise waft away. I watch.


8 thoughts on “In Body of Snow

  1. Well that makes more sense now about why I wasn’t getting updates; I wasn’t “following” you. Check.
    Well I was at some point but occasionally WP spits me out. Go figure.
    These photos are so pretty. I checked out your photo site. Wowsa! That shot of the birds…. You are amazing.

    • I’m glad you’re on-board! I’ll keep an eye on WP, make sure it doesn’t try to knock you off the boat again.
      Thank you for the very kind words.

  2. Beautiful pictures..It’s impressive the snow against the blue sky.
    I love them!!
    And I agree with you. “The snow that falls from this sky knows it cannot last.” but can still give so much emotion.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • I appreciate the visit and the comments, thank you! It was quite a remarkable moment, standing in the sun and blue sky and snow.

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