Gone Beyond Diffusion

This morning I came back to being by degrees, I was the sound of wheels on gravel, I was thin light, I was eyes wondering toward sky and I was finally remembering a body. I made it real with food and want and plans, I moved out into a day unlike any other. I looked for you but you weren’t there and then I forgot I was looking and the sorrow went down below words. I was only real in motion, so I trained my body to move with breath, to give itself to being both root and reach toward sky. I demanded ground and made my furious stance amid the ruin of a time like no other. I gave up into air, my hands touching atmosphere and what peers at us from the bend of was and becoming. 

Meet me at that crossing, where an island gives in to the sea, where water paints itself into clouds, where clouds watch night fall and stretch out toward stars.


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