In A New York Minute

**Edit: I feel like most of this post is what I was thinking about this event pre-Sandy. With our developing understanding of just how devastating this storm was, and continues to be, I feel like the tone and focus doesn’t quite work. After a day of contemplating not going at all, feeling abashed about the race’s demand on vital City resources, and reading a number of articles and reports from NY, I’ve decided to go still. I’ll help Citymeals deliver food on Saturday, I feel good about having helped raise lots of money for them, and I’ll hope that the marathon can be a symbol of New York’s resiliency and resolve. Please consider giving to Citymeals, not for me or a run, but for the folks in special need right now.


I love running. When I was a chubby little kid I didn’t love running, but in first grade when we could choose to run either the one mile or the two mile, I chose the two as some kind of offering to Jesus or something. I know I was the last to finish, and I don’t know for sure what my time was but it felt like it was probably around 2 days and 900 minutes.

Now I’m days away from running the New York City Marathon. There’s a chance I’ll do it faster than I ran 2 miles as a doughy lad.

After elementary school I got my growth spurt and all that baby fat stretched out and running was suddenly fun. I’ve gotten to run all sorts of ways in all sorts of places ever since: tear-assing around a track; loping out into the woods solo or in great packs; all bundled up in the rain; all naked in the rain; climbing mountains; crashing down mountains; on trail, street, sand, snow; and most favoritely, finishing into some great wild body of water.

Running 26.2 miles through the 5 boroughs, with 130 bands and 2 million people cheering and 47,000 other runners is going to be some kind of brand new awesome.

It’s also awesome that I get to run for a great charity, Citymeals. This organization delivers food to wonderful New Yorkers in need. They’ve been working overtime during this disaster, making sure folks were stocked up before Sandy hit, and even running out in the midst of it when needed (an elderly man got out of the hospital and returned home where he had nothing, so Citymeals rushed food right over to him in the midst of cyclone winds and streets becoming rivers). With power still out, they’ve been climbing hundreds of flights of stairs to bring folks food in the dark.

I’m raising $3000 for them, and with 3 days until the race we have $800 to go! I would love your help, I need your help! These sweet elderly and disabled New Yorkers need your help too. Your donation goes straight to making them meals, and it’s tax-deductible to boot. Here’s where you can give:

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support. I’ll see you on the other side of Sunday!


4 thoughts on “In A New York Minute

  1. have a blast you son of a bitch! it’s a great thing you are doing, regardless of how people feel about the race….


  2. Finally making my way back to your blog my friend…
    Glad you did the race and even more glad you posted a pic of yourself… quite sexy in your scruffy way. 🙂

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