About Me

Noel Tendick is glad he decided to try the “Life on Earth” vacation package.  Existence as an energy cluster on MX9 was getting a tad stale.  He drinks snow melt in the Pacific Northwest and dreams underground while cultivating an advanced stage of novicehood.  He likes to watch, being the bridge between heaven ‘n earth, flying is now.  It’s all entirely too much, hence the search for what to hand it over to.  Write now, he is flying and writing and dreaming, and gazing up at where he came from feet on the ground of where he came from drinking rain.  It’s time to go.  Loves the exquisite edges, where ocean meets land, cloud becomes sky, desire and skin, hunger and the scent of food.  We all serve one another, ultimately, in love; we can practice making the ultimate a little more immediate.

12 thoughts on “About Me

    • Such an intricate choreography, spinning and being spun, all of us mixed up in the shared creation of it – thanks for dancing here a moment Lisa.

    • A tremendous compliment there Laura, thank you. That’s the ultimate destination when I send these words out into space, lovely to know of their landing. 🙂

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